F Geo Robinson Ltd
100 years of Coventry history

Established 1924 – The early history

F Geo Robinson Ltd was established in 1924 and prospered as Coventry’s engineering industries grew.

Coventry remained prosperous even through the economic slump of the 1930s

In fact during the 1930s the population of Coventry grew by 90,000. There had been yet another boundary extension in 1928 which brought even more districts within the city limits

After the second world war

F Geo Robinson was one of the developers bringing extensive new housing estates to the City.

F Robinson was apprenticed as a carpenter to his father and took over the Company with the estimator H Williams.

The respective sons were brought into the business, with a view to succession, with John Williams joining the company in 1964 and John Robinson a qualified QS joining the business in 1964.

Robinson branded manhole cover

Developers often commissioned specially cast manhole covers, many of which are still in use today

Swan Lane Premises

The company had offices and an extensive Joinery workshop located in Swan Lane, Coventry

The offices used to be single-storey and robustly finished with a reinforced concrete roof for its role as an ARP station during the Second World War.

The first floor was added subsequently following the purchase by F Geo Robinson Ltd

Recent times and up to date

The Company was well known for quality work in the private and public sector carrying out many projects for Coventry City Council and the Coventry School Foundation.

The business was bought by Martyn Blair in 2009 and continued the FGR success with his son Peter Blair. 

The business has moved from its Swan Lane premises and operated from purpose-built accommodation at Martyn’s home address

Martyn Blair retired in 2021 and Peter Blair continues as Managing Director into the companies second century 

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