Structural Repair

The diagnosis and repair of structural defects in buildings has been a part of our work for many years.

We can advise on traditional repairs such as underpinning or rebuilding and strengthening or more often these days the use of economical, modern, tried and tested repair methods as Thor remedial approved contractors.

Martyn Blair is a trained helical bar surveyor and has been designing repair solutions for over 10 years. The installation is carried out by trained installers.

Choosing a Thor repair method comes with the comfort of knowing that we have the backup from Thor engineers to support our repair designs.

Thor repair solutions include:

  • Wall ties
  • Lateral Restraints
  • Crack Stitching
  • Lintel Reinforcement
  • Masonry Beaming


At the clients request, repair solutions will be covered by an insurance backed warranty. More information can be found on Thors webpage “insurance backed guarantees

CGS Ltd provide the guarantees download CGS leaflet “don’t gamble when choosing a contractor”

Or visit CGS main site

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